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Welcome to i-Tech Solutions & Consulting UK Ltd.
A consulting company providing solutions in major IT sectors, serving clients based in UK, USA, India and Australia. We take pride in delivering our customers with the best-of the-breed solutions. We strive to be responsive to their needs and provide them with the best-in-class customer service. We'll draw upon our industry knowledge, expertise and best practices to make sure that our clients are fully leveraging our solutions.
Nothing is Impossible!
It is with this proactive belief that we have set out to redefine the benchmarks that govern the IT industry. In an endeavour to help our clients achieve excellence in the face of stiff global competition, we are continually striving to better and outperform ourselves, thereby providing them right solutions. Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power, Knowledge plus Experience is Wisdom and it is with the wise use of information that we aim to benefit advantage to our esteemed customers!
i-Tech S C UK Ltd & Recruitment Solutions
i-Tech S C UK Ltd. Has join hands with MYRecruitment Ltd. to provide multi-platform solutions in Recruitment Sector. MyRecruitment was launched by Geoff Warburton, the founder of both Voyager Software and expressHR to offer front office solutions to professional staffing organisations. MyRecruitment Limited have many clients accross the world using their bespoke Recruitment Solutions in a variety of languages and currencies.
India, "Your Partner in Outsourcing!"
Outsourcing refers to the process by which companies use external providers to manage or maintain certain aspects of their company's business. More recently, companies have begun to outsource, payroll, human resources and other functional areas that are not part of the company's main business. Outsourcing now also refers to the increasingly common practice of using vendors outside of the country like India. We strongly believe this helps clients not only to save on costs but engage highly skilled technical resources.
Proven Methodology in Project Management & Delivery
i-Tech Solutions and Consulting UK Ltd. is a best-practice organization. Dealing with multiple clients with the goal of quality services to the level of commodities might appear to be a valid cost-cutting strategy, but doing so ignores the ever-present requirements of competent vendor management. ITSC’s time proven methodology of project management & delivery helps clients to meet the steep project delivery schedules & costs.